Webcast | Winning with Merchandise Planning

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Wed 25th September 2019

11:00 am - 11:45 am

While Merchandise Planning forms an integral part of the Buying and Merchandise process for many Retailers, it is often misunderstood, and under utilised. Inventory investment has a significant impact on cash flow and profitability. Merchandise Planning, done right, can be a game changer in this critical space.

Register now to learn how to unlock the potential of Merchandise Planning in your business, and receive your free checklist on “Winning with Merchandise Planning”. Attendees who dial in live will also have the chance to be selected for a free consultation with Susan, to help you apply these insights or tackle other Planning topics.  

In this webcast you will learn -

  • What is Merchandise Planning

  • The biggest mistakes made with Merchandise Planning

  • How to unlock profitability through Merchandise Planning

Spoiler alert -
This webcast will not be filled with jargon and mind numbing technical detail. It will cover key principles and concepts to enhance your understanding of Merchandise Planning, break ineffective cycles, and help you get a competitive edge through #planningasitshouldbe.

Who will benefit from this webcast -

  • Retail Executives, including General Manager and C Level

  • Business owners and Founders

  • Functional experts who partner with Merchandise Planning (Finance, Supply Chain, Buying, VM, Store Operations etc)

  • Merchandise Planners, Planning Managers

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