World Forum Disrupt | Women In Retail, Sydney

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Enjoyed hearing from all the speakers, and giving my keynote on the topic below, as a guest at the World Forum Disrupt, Women in Retail event.

Glass Ceilings & Glass Slippers

A corporate career and a founder journey are very different paths, in very different environments. What are the common themes for success? Is there a certain profile of person who flourishes in each? Do the same rules apply? This session compares and contrasts these two worlds, distilling lessons, and tips & traps, from having walked both paths (in both sets of shoes).

Attendees were able to download PDFs on both of my models

  • Operating with Integrity

  • 3 C’s for Decision Making

(If you missed them, drop us a note and we will send you the links).

The event was held at Doltone House in Sydney, on Wednesday, 4th September 2019.

Find out more about more about all the speakers and lineup HERE

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