We offer Planning as a service #PaaS

Everything we’ve done in our extensive careers in Merchandise Planning, is leveraged to the benefit of our Clients, making Merchandise Planning solutions accessible.


“There is best practice, and common practice, and … what I practice.

Susan Martin


Every business is different. We get to know you, and customise our solutions to precisely what you need. And if you’re not sure what you need, we’ll help you figure that out too.



Create and embed a Merchandise Planning Framework

  • Helping businesses introduce the Merchandise Planning function

  • Creating the Planning environment

  • Establishing Planning practices

  • Guiding and educating teams, and demonstrating results

We establish Merchandise Planning in your business, so you can reap the benefits of #planningasitshouldbe



Stabilise and strengthen People | Process | Systems

  • Assessment of team skills, capacity, and structures

  • Review and refinement of Merchandise Planning processes

  • Planning system support through every stage of implementation including objective selection, scope, design, test, train, and embed

We have the technical expertise and capacity to make positive transformation less demanding for your business



See Merchandise Planning through our unique lens and learn the thinking behind the concepts.

  • Customised to your specific requirements

  • Ideal for both businesses and individuals

  • Workshop style and face to face training solutions

  • Mentoring and coaching opportunities

Merchandise Planning is a niche skill set, often misunderstood and under-utilised. We have the experience and the passion to amplify the impact of Planning in your business.



Outsource | Outsmart | Outplay | Outlast

  • Outsource your Planning to the experts

  • Bridge vacancies to stay on track, and meet business critical deadlines that require technical Planning expertise.

  • Our flexible solution compliments your recruitment process. We "get" it, and hit the ground running

  • Bolster capacity at peak times or expertise on key projects

Enjoy the benefits of senior Merchandise Planning expertise without committing to a permanent in-house Merchandise Planning structure



Sales, Margin and Stock management is our expertise; our art

  • We help formulate strategy, and drive tangible results through our Merchandise Planning expertise

  • Executive insights, strategic thinking, commercial acumen are brought to the table through Board Advisory style engagements

Having held numerous Executive level roles across varied business models, Susan has a reputation for elevating the Planning perspective in the organisations, embedding lasting and profitable change.