Merchandise Planning in focus with Paul Greenberg of NORA Network

Always a pleasure catching up with Paul Greenberg on the forward thinking initiatives that NORA Network is putting out into the Retailscape .

Ventured OUT of my comfort zone to do this video covering a topic that sits squarely IN my comfort zone #merchandiseplanning. SMART IN PLANNING provides solutions in “everything Merchandise Planning” – giving Retailers access to expertise and capacity through a flexible and tailored service.

Inside Retail Interview – The Art of Buying

It was my pleasure to be interviewed by Inside Retail on this topic.

What we do know is that Retail is diverse and dynamic in nature.

That’s why is takes a “special kind of crazy” to be in the Retail game (and we do love it!)

A common misconception, however, is that Merchandise Planning is a rigid, one size fits all discipline. Quite to the contrary, when Planning is done right, it understands and embraces the nuances of the underlying business model – even elevating the competitive edge through that point of difference.

Planning affords a framework for more informed decision making, as well as providing enhanced visibility, a measure of objectivity, and a glimpse at what may lie ahead (good, bad or ugly) - which allows for course correction to capitalise or avoid, as required.

This article from Inside Retail – The Art of Buying explores different buying approaches, with consideration given to the role that Planning can (should) play in partnership with a variety of models.

View Article: Inside Retail - The Art of Buying

New Retail Series

What a privilege to be invited as the guest speaker for the pilot launch of the New Retail Series.

A collaboration between Skills IQ (previously Service Skills Australia), the Australian Retailers Association, and with input from the Retail Industry, this program is aimed at developing a much needed, nationally recognised qualification in Merchandise – including Merchandise Planning.

Developing and nurturing Planning talent has always been a passion of mine, and I was honoured to have my personal journey in Merchandise Planning put forward as an example of a successful career pathway for aspiring Planners.

Much of my career in Australia has been focused on “growing our own”, and I am delighted to be able to help shape a program so critical to the future of Australian Retail.

With so many bright eyes in the room, and such rich mentorship and support in the Retailers behind these participants, it’s clear a seed has been planted…

View Guest Speaker BIO:  Susan Martin

View Media Release:  Senator the Hon Simon Birmingham, Department of Education & Training