Merchandise Planning

Applying practical experience and knowledge gained through careers with leading, global retailers, we offer specialist insights and tailored solutions ... bringing together the art and the science of Merchandise Planning.



Our objective is simple ... maximise sales and profit through optimising inventory. Therein lies the competitive edge.


Merchandise Planning is a niche skill set, in short supply globally and in the Australian market.

SMART IN PLANNING is a Merchandise Planning Company that provides solutions in this highly specialised, business critical field.

We are practitioners, not theorists.   Our team has honed their skills across senior roles spanning fast fashion, hard goods, seasonal, branded, online, FMCG and discount variety sectors.

We have Clients across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Regional areas, and can offer support in any location.

Susan Martin did an exceptional job with limited resources. Susan is a strategic, creative manager with attention to detail.
— Eric Elliott: Director at Global IT Services P/L

SMART IN PLANNING services are tailored solutions, based on an assessment of each Client’s specific circumstances and needs.


Our Clients enjoy significant benefits across People, Process and Systems, through the leveraging power of our team of Planning professionals.

As an external resource, we bring capacity to work on the business, enabling the Client to stay focused on the daily operational demands of a fast paced retail environment.

Our model affords great flexibility, adding value in large organisations and small businesses . 

Outsourcing is a SMART option for SME Clients to secure the Planning expertise they need, without necessarily requiring a full in-house Planning team.

Training in Merchandise Planning is available in formats suitable for both businesses and Individuals.